• Current transformer is an electrical device which is used for measurement of electric current from the current conductor without breaking the current circuit.

The core of the current transformer with the secondary winding is clamped around the main conductor which acts as the primary winding of the current transformer

  • MAGNETIC AND CONTROLS manufactures all kind of LT Current transformers under the brand name of ‘Excel Automation’ which is CPRI tested and approved.


  • High Accuracy such as 1.0 ,0.5,2.0,0.5s,0.2s suitable for metering applications and
  • 5P10,10pP0,15P20 for relaying application
  • Tape Wound
  • Resin cast
  • Window or bar type CT
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • Metering
  • Protection
  • Core balance
  • Special purpose
  • Ring Type
  • Rectangular Type
  • WPL type
  • Auxillary Type
  • Split Core type