• Lighting transformers are used in a variety of different applications, not just for brightening and dimming lights. Essentially, because they do allow the voltage across a line to be varied, they can used for any number of applications where voltage does have to be changed a bit to accommodate various devices.
  • For example, lighting transformers are sometimes used on small electric motors to provide a way to speed up or slow down the motor, as needed. Lighting transformers are quite often used in households, however, to do exactly what the name implies and provide variable lighting from the same light fixtures.
  • In practical usage, dimmer switches are sometimes utilized to provide a more pleasant level of light or, if the homeowner prefers, to lower the power of the light when they are away so that there is still light when they get home but so that the lighting doesn’t consume a great deal of energy.


  • ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERS for low voltage application.These transformers operate at lower temperature and are more compact.
  • ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS separate one circuit from other upon relation ship with magnetism and electricity where sensitive equipments has to be isolated from potentially dangerous voltage and current travelling across primary line