Magnetic and Controls manufactures motor starter Auto transformer. The auto transformer reduced- voltage starter placed the motor on secondary of the auto transformer while starting.The taps in the auto transformer limit the voltage applied to the motor to 50%, 65% or 80% of the nominal voltage.

With our auto transformer starting , the line current is always less than the motor starting current since the motor is on the secondary side of the transformer.
If the motor is connected to the 50% tapping off the transformer the motor current quill be reduced to 50% of the nominal current value.

Most of his motors are started with 65% of line voltage. If the torque of the motor is not sufficient a higher torque can also be achieved since we also provide 80% tapping on the transformer. Similarly if more torque is applied to the load with 65%tapping the torque can be further reduced to 50% since we also provide 50% tapping.