• Magnetic and Controls is one of the leading manufacturer of Power Distribution unit.
  • Power distribution unit combines a single power input with input breaker (with or without motorized) and multiple output . Since power distribution unit are for many data centres ,government offices and defence sectors our PDUs are built with at most care with high quality material intended for long service . Our PDU ensures high performance required for today’s data centre . Our PDU comes with Isolation transformer with K-ratinngs as per customers requirement . Magnetic and controls PDU is ideally suited for todays data centre where more computer equipments are used . A standard K-rated transformer with 200% neutral supports the PDU efficiently handling the harmonic current. Utilizing the transformer shielding there wont be any electrical noises effecting the electrical equipments.

1.PDUs with or without Branch monitoring System

2.Shortened installation time

3.Optional dual input breakers

4.K4,k13,k20 transformer as per customer requirement

5.Harmonic withstanding capacity

6.Both options with copper and aluminium wound

7.Front access design

8.Comprehensive monitoring and connectivity options

Our PDU undergo following integrated factory testing during testing :

  • Metering
  • Isolation
  • Voltage transformation
  • Distribution in the output side
  • Equipment protection
  • Monitoring and alarming