• Magnetic and Controls is engaged in manufacturing of capacitors under the brand name of ‘ELSINE’
  • The standard duty series is one of the most popular capacitor sold across the world covering the power range upto 50 KVAR with just one capacitor in a cylindrical aluminium case
  • Elsine capacitors is specially designed for use in commercial and industrial applications.The capacitors are made in stack windings to allow for better heat dissipation.


  • By installing a capacitor bank it is possible to reduce the reactive power absorbed by the inductive loads in the system and consequently improve powerfactor
  • It is suitable to have powerfactor in little excess to 0.9 to avoid paying penalties provided by the law
  • Powerfactor must not be too close to unity to avoid the leading current in the electrical systems
  • The choice of correct powerfactor correction equipment depends on the type of load present and by their way of working
  • INDIVIDUAL COMPENSATION :Power factor correction is wired at each single load
  • CENTRAL COMPENSATION :There is only one bank of capacitors on the main power distribution switch boards or substation

1.Automatic PFC equipment capacitor banks

2.Individual fixed PFC(eg :Motors,transformers,lightning etc)

3.Group fixed PFC

4.Tuned and Detuned Capacitor banks

5.Filter applications

6.Dynamic PFC

7.Hybrid capacitor banks with active filters

1.Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can with stud

2.Low weight

3.Stacked type constructioin

4.MPP technology with heavy edge ramp metalisation

5.Voltage range from 230 V to 480 V

6.Output range from 1 kvar to 50 kvar

7.Starts from 1 kvar to help achieve unity powerfactor close to unity

8.Low losses

9.Zero Maintenance

  • Self Healing technology
  • Pressure sensitive device
  • IP 20 Terminals
  • Comes with inbuilt discharge resistors


1.Sometimes capacitors may explode due to very high voltage in repetitive peaks which cannot be ‘self healed’ by the regenerative property.

2.ELSINE capacitors are provided with an internal Over pressure disconnector which disconnects the capacitors from power source and prevents it from exploding

3.All Elsine Capacitors are manufactured by using standard thickness of dielectric material with heavy edge metallisation.