We are indulged in providing specialized three phase control transformers which is used to change three phase voltage and current and are made up of three sets of primary and secondary windings. Our supremely experienced professionals use only finest quality materials and follow international specifications during the process of these quality transformers.Our three phase transformers are available from 50 va three phase 3500 kva three phase.
Control transformer are also known as machine tools transformers, Industrial Control transformer or control power transformer.

Ø Precisely engineered
Ø Easy to install
Ø Excellent performance
Ø Very high efficiency
Ø Very good corrosion resistant
Ø Continuous rating
Ø Good voltage regulation
Ø Low core and conductor loss
Ø High dielectric withstanding capacity
Ø Dual winding technology
Ø High grade Insulation materials
Ø Any custom built vector group
Ø Vaccum Impregnated
Ø CE certified
Ø Energy efficient
Ø Compliance with IEC 60076/en 61558/IS 2026 standards
Ø With high degree of protection
Ø Superior quality and Value
Ø High quality terminal blocks for easy connection
Ø Compact deign
Ø Heavy steel bolted clamping system