• As two winding transformers Magnetic and Controls is also engaged in manufacturing Variable autotransformer with torroidal core type . ’ Variac ‘ is the trademark name of Variable auto transformer.
  • Variac provides provides a voltage adjustable source of alternating current electricity . A Variable auto transformer is single coil wound transformer where two portions of the coil is used as primary and secondary.
  • They are also different from regular auto transformer since they are equipped with automatic switchgear in order to automatically step up or down depending on preset condition . Magnetic and Controls Variac helps in maintaining a steady voltage in customers service during wide range of load condition . By exposing a part of winding coil and making the secondary connection through a sliding brush a continuously variable turns ratio can be obtained allowing very smooth control of voltage.
  • We manufacture both single phase and three phase variac.


  • Very high Efficiency
  • Good voltage regulation
  • No waveform distortion
  • Reliable and compact design
  • Smooth control of output